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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

This weeks park at MK..

There are 3 nights to shred at MK this week. Kicking off Wednesday night from 6pm with the Snofresh student night.. If you have an NUS card make sure you show this at the front desk for a sweet deal on slope time..

This Thursday and Friday there will also be the standard park nights running 7pm-11pm.. Pre book your session online or over the phone using the code FS20 to receive 20% off your freestyle pass..

The park on the left hand slope will be the smaller section designed specially for riders looking to get into freestyle riding or to practice tricks before taking them to the bigger park setup on the right hand slope.
This will include a pair of ride on boxes at the top moving down to a small kicker and then the orange pipe and the pole jam to finish..

On the right hand slope there will be the main park setup, starting at the top with a double box setup next to the maverix donkey kink and one of the Vans 5m down rails..
Moving down the slope we have the big flat box next to the 2nd of the Vans rails and the round bar donkey kink rail..

The 3rd section will be the picnic bench raised up on a box of snow next to the redbull pole jam and the double bar shotgun rail..

To finish the run we have a double gasser spine stall setup for Thursday and Friday only.. 

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