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Monday, 25 February 2013

We are watching...

Ollie Dutton Donkey Kink bangers at MK.

This week at Snopark Milton Keynes.

This week at Snozone Milton Keynes, Firdays the return of the Monthly Park Strife session.
This month the guys from Horizon Festival in Bansko Bulgaria have teamed up with For Boarders By Boarders to bring you banger of a night.

There will be on slope music from DJs Rattus Rattus, Adam Prescott, Boyson and Bailey as well as Live artwork by Batlow.
If that wasn’t enough there will be the chance to win 5 pairs of festival tickets..

The park setup will be as follows..
Starting on the left hand slope there is the smaller park including a small box and gas pipe, A kicker and the rainbow and battleship boxes to finish the run.

On the right hand slope starting at the top there will be the orange pipe donkey kink and a raised black gasser..
Then moving down a down flat down box and a street rail to picnic bench.
To follow there is the donkey kink rail and shotgun rail.
And to finish the run a triple set of the giant gassers and the round bar rail.

Monday, 18 February 2013

This week at Snopark Mk..

This Thursday and Friday from 7pm at  Snopark Mk you can ride for Just £29.99 for a 4 hour slope pass..
The run down of the park is as follows.
Starting on the right hand slope there is a black gasser and the shotgun down bar, the donkey kink and pole jam. Moving down to the donkey kink orange gasser and another black gasser and a round and square bar to end the run.

On the opposite slope there is the picnic bench and small ride on box, then a kicker and the battle ship box and ride on gasser..

As well as the Thursday and Friday parks, this week Snozone Mk will have a family fun park setup all week which will consist of boxes and a small kicker..

Friday, 15 February 2013

We are watching..

Coming soon...

Coming soon to the Park Shaper Blog Shop we have a new collection of beanies to keep you noggin warm when your on the slopes, skating the streets or just popping down the shops..
The Shaper's choice Beanie's are a nice subtle styled hat which can be worn for all occasions..

~We are hoping to have more additions to the shop coming over the summer...

Monday, 11 February 2013

This week at Snopark Mk..

This week at Snopark Mk on Wednesday we are host to the 3rd  leg of the Buisc Student race and freestyle event, Which will mean the main park setup will be on the left hand slope again.

Starting at the top on the left hand slope, We have a donkey kink gasser and the shotgun down rail.
Moving down we have a kicker with a gasser pole jam on the side.

Then to finish the run on that side we have the donkey kink and the big battleship.

On the opposite slope we have a triple run of gassers to practice your tricks on .
Next to those we have the rainbow box, the flat box and the picnic table.

Get you shred on this Valentines Day at Snopark Mk..

Keep up to date with the latest park plans, edits and event info at the facebook page.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Street Vs Snow - Kaunertal

We thought this setup was well worth a mention. Pushing the riders to the limit with gnarly closeout rails and gap drop downs. Check out the edit below so sick..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

We are watching..

Bear mountain Sunday in the park episode 5...


Brighton.002 from Brighton Resort on Vimeo.

Monday, 4 February 2013

This week at Snopark MK..

This week at Snopark Mk we have the Busc students competition on the Wednesday evening so this weeks main park will be on the opposite slope for Thursday and Friday. Starting at the top of the left hand slope we have the square bar down flat downa dn the donkey kink. Moving down we have a kicker with a gasser flat down built into the side. Then to finish the run we have the tyre jib and the big flat down box. On the opposite slope we have the battleship box and a black gasser.. Then we have a flat box and another gasser, then to finish the run and to make it three in a row we have another black gasser.. So a different layout for the park this week but still something for everyone and so fun line to be had..
 See you there for a shred.