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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

007 Snowboard night MK 11th October..

If you like skiing boarding and shooting stuff then this night is for you.. 007 freestyle session.

Snozone Milton Keynes - October 11th 7pm-11pm
Join us on the slopes on Friday 11th October for the 007 freestyle night. Snozone have teamed up with some of the big names in airsoft to combine the excitement and skill of airsoft gun shooting and skiing and snowboarding to create a fun and exciting twist to a freestyle  competition.
The event will begin at 7pm for a relaxed practice jam session on the specially themed freestyle park. The judges will be watching riders throughout the evening and noting down names of entrants who show skill and technique on the slopes and in the shooting range set up at the bottom of the slope to pick entrants for the after hours 3 run showdown.
The riders invited to the after hours competition will be armed with an airsoft gun and judged on there run not only on the tricks they land but there accuracy shooting the targets mounted before and after each park feature. 
Freestyle slope session- 7pm-11pm
Free entry for the chance to be invited back to ride the 007 slope run 11pm-12pm (Numbers limited to 20 riders)
Adult £37.99 4 hours
Junior £27.99 4 hours

3rd and 4th October park MK

Here we have the park plan for this week at Snozone MK.
We have the rookie park on the left hand slope as usual consisting of a flat box and Maverix rail. Then we have a kicker and to finish the run the orange pipe and the battleship box.

On the right hand slope we have a black gasser and the yellow donkey kink rail at the top.
Moving down we have the new Redbull down flat down a rocket pipe and the new Redbull donkey kink.

We then have a kicker and to finish the run the picnic bench and a small gasser spine.

This Saturday we have the Slide to Sochi event to mark the countdown to the 2014 winter Olympics.
As part of this we will have a the rookie park out and free freestyle coaching available thoughout the day.
On the right hand slope we have the beat the pro slalom course to test your speed.