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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

World Snowboard Day 30th December.

"On 30th December join us at SNOZONE to celebrate World Snowboard day!
1pm till 4pm The TSA demo tent will be set up in our rental area providing you a chance to test this years latest boards and bindings.
Some of the TSA shop team riders will also be out on the slopes to give you tips and advice on your riding.

Monday, 17 December 2012

This week at SNOPARK MK..

So here it is.. The last park before Christmas.
On the right hand slope we have the lamp post rail and orange gas pipe, Moving down we have a pole jam and black gasser. We then have a kicker and to finish the run another gasser and square bar rail.

On the opposite slope we have a pair of rookie boxes a down gasser and low square rail..

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from all of us at SNOPARK MK.. @Thomparkshaper @Neilparkshaper @Taparkshaper #parkshaperblog

Thursday, 13 December 2012


If you have ridden at SNOPARK MK on a freestyle night anytime in the past 10 or so years then no doubt you would of seen Len..

 Len is one of the die hard MK locals he is always out shredding with his sons on freestyle nights.
 I just wanted to take this opportunity to give him a big up, As he is and inspiration to us all.
This month he walked away with the SNOZONE Man of MOVEMBER award for his Hulk Hogan inspire tash and then last week he won the DSUK Santa SHRED competition for his shot of him dressed as santa on the gas pipe.

 So a big shout out to you Len, Your an inspiration to us all here at SNOPARK MK..

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Whitelines November Knockout tour Edit..

Here is the edit from the SNOPARK Mk stop of the Whitelines November Knockout tour.
The Edit is shot entirely on an ION AIR PRO camera and was filmed by all the riders on the night. 

We where stoked to see the park we built went down a storm with some great riding to been seen. 

Here it is..

Whitelines November Knockout in association with iON - Milton Keynes a Snowboarding video by whitelines

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

This weeks park plan at SNOPARK MK.

This week at SNOPARK Milton Keynes on the right hand slope we have the White lines down rail and a gas pipe at the top. Moving down we have a jump over a giant tyre and another raised gas pipe.
The next set of features are the flat box and the shotgun down bar and to finish we have a pole jam and the lamp post rail..
On the opposite slope we have the smaller features. Starting with a gas pipe and flat box at the top moving down to a kicker and then finishing with a pair of boxes, The rainbow and battleship.

Ice Age Kicker at SNOPARK MK..

Last week at SNOPARK MK we held the DVD release event for Ice Age 4.
As part of this we built an Ice Age Branded kicker for some of the SNOZONE sponsored riders to jump over.
This is how we built it..

The making of the Ice Age kicker at SNOPARK MK from Thom Boddington on Vimeo.

Check out these cool shots courtesy of Jools Smith of some of the MK locals hucking themselves over the Ice Age logo..

Dean Mcfadden Sending it with a laid out backflip of the the jump..

Josh Ogden hand planting through a front flip..