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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

FBBB Spring break edit..

This weeks park plan for Snozone MK

Here is this weeks park plan for Snozone Milton Keynes.
Starting on the left hand slope we have our usual smaller park features which for this weeks half term will be out all week as part of our family park setup.
These consist of the battleship and rainbow box, a small kicker and a short gasser and pole jam.

On the right hand slope we have the bigger features consisting of a black gasser and the donkey kink rail at the top.
Moving down to the big flat down box and a rocket pipe, Then we have the tire jump and the big flat box.
And to finish the run we have the picnic table and the orange gasser.

Whether your new to freestyle skiing or boarding or would like some tips on some of our features we have the return of our Who’s afraid of the park sessions on June 8th at Castleford and June 15th at Snozone Milton Keynes.
For all the latest on the events check out the facebook events pages.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Snozone Milton Keynes Park plan..

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7pm we have freestyle nights here at Snozone Milton Keynes.
Starting on the right hand slope we have the main park setup consisting of the orange gasser, the flat round bar rail and a black gasser.
Moving down we have the donkey kink and a flat box down flat down.
Then the kicker and to finish a quarter pipe and black gasser..

On the opposite slope we have our smaller park features consisting of the rainbow and battleship boxes, a smaller kicker and to finish the line the flat box and black gasser.

On Friday evening 5pm-10pm in the Sno café we have a big screen playing shred movies for our snowboard movie night. So come on down grab some popcorn from the café and get yourself stoked before heading out onto the slopes..

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Grind House Bear edit..

Sick edit from the crew out in bear..
affiliated from ben wall on Vimeo.

This week at Snozone MK...

Here is the park plan for this weeks freestyle nights at Snozone Milton Keynes.
On the right hand slope starting at the top there will be a step down box setup a raised gasser and square bar down rail.
Moving down the slope to the big flat box and shotgun down rail.
Then there will be a kicker and to finish the run the table top and giant gas pipes

Monday, 13 May 2013

We have been watching..

Here are a few edits taken from around the web that we have been liking this week..

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This week at Snozone MK

This week at Snozone there will be 3 nights of freestyle park out on the slopes. 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7pm. 

On the right hand slope there will be the donkey kink and raised gasser at the top. 
Moving down the slope we have the hitching post on the center with a gasser to one side and the down flat down to the other. 
Then there is a box down flat down and a round bar pole jam. 
To finish the run there is a 7 meter square bar and the big battle ship rail.

On the opposite slope there is the smaller rookie park which consists of the battle ship and flat box, 
then there is a small kicker and a gasser. 
To finish this run there is another gasser and the small pole jam.