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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

This week at Mk 4 days of shred..

This week at MK we have 4 days with Freestyle features out on the slopes and to make it event better we have 3 new slope features too.
The Park will be open Thursday and Friday night from 7pm for freestyle night and then we there is Who's afraid of the park freestyle coaching on Saturday evening from 7pm and then the Line travelling circus will be stopping at MK on Sunday from 7pm-10pm so you can come and ride with the pros.

The rookie park will be on left hand slope as usual with the flat box and battleship at the top and a small kicker bellow.

On the right hand slope we have a raised gasser a flat box in the middle and the square down bar.
Moving down the slope we have the new Red bull down flat down round bar the new Red bull round bar donkey kink rail with the flat box in the middle.

Then moving down we have a kicker with the new barrel tap and then the Maverix donkey kink rail and flat box to finish.

Rugby world cup 2015

Early part of this week we have been busy at MK installing a full size set of rugby posts onto the slopes.
This was all part of a PR day for MK council to celebrate the fact that in 2 years time MK will be hosting some of the Rugby world cup games at the Dons stadium. 

Once we had installed the posts we built a kicker and landing to get over the cross bar. 
We had press from all across the country taking shots and interviewing Rugby legend Will Greenwood on the slopes. 
Stoked to get front page of the local paper!

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Line Traveling circus come to MK

The LINE Traveling Circus will be at Snozone Milton Keynes on Sunday 22nd September. 
Come and ski with the pros on the specially built rail setup or watch the madness from the 
bar with a beer.
Join the team in Ellis Brigham for a signing session with the pro team riders from the US- Europe and the UK then join them on the slopes. 

Snozone CAS - Thursday 19th 7pm-11pm
Snozone MK - Sunday 22nd 7pm-10pm

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

12th and 13th September at Mk

Here is the park plan for this Thursday and Friday at  Snozone Milton Keynes.
On the left hand side we have the smaller rookie park consisting of the flat box and battleship, a small kicker and the orange pipe and rainbow to finish.

On the right hand slope we have the bigger park setup with a black gasser and the new to MK round bar donkey kink kindly donated to us by the guys at Maverix freestyle camps.
Moving down we have the down flat down, the big flat box and a gasser down flat down setup.

Then we have a special feature designed by Vans snow team manager and Snozone sponsored rider Chris Chatt. Come and ride his spine/rainbow creation.

Then to finish we have the picnic table and another new addition to MK, Captain Walshy’s mini jib rails.

See you on the slopes.

Monday, 2 September 2013

5th & 6th September at MK

Here is the park plan for this Thursdays freestyle night and Fridays park strife event.

Starting on the left hand slope we have the smaller rookie park consisting of a pair of rookie boxes at the top, a small kicker in the middle and the pole jam and rainbow to finish.

On the right hand slope we have the main park setup. Starting at the top we have the orange pipe raised up next some step down boxes and a side hit gasser.
Moving down we have the shotgun down rail, a medium sized kicker and the donkey kink down rail.
Then we have the big box next to a pole jam and to finish the run a gas pipe stall which can also be hit like a C rail.