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Monday, 30 April 2012

This weeks park plan SNO!park MK..

Parkstrife is here again and this month its brought to you in 3D.. This friday we have the and the night will be filmed for a 3D edit that will be broadcast next week.. You can get your 3D Glasses from the booking desk when you buy your parkstrife pass.
Thursdays park is looking like this.
and Friday will look like this..

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A few Edits we like this week...

Brighton Must be the place...

Loonatics episode 13.. Sunday in the park..

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This weeks park plan SNO!park Mk..

This week at SNO!park Mk on the main park slope we have at the top a black gas pipe and a street rail moving down to another pipe and a down flat down, then onto the kicker which has a flat down built into the side of it then to finish there is another street rail and the orange gas pipe. The rookie park will be as usual on the opposite slope..

SNO!park MK going 3D...

Check out this little pre edit from SNO!park MK in 3D..
Parkstrife with on 4th May..

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A few runs at SNO!park MK..

Check out this little edit of some of the park team taking a few test runs through the parks from the past few months...And a guest run by Jed Anderson..

Monday, 16 April 2012

This week at SNO!park MK..

So last week was a banger at SNO!park MK, Everyone seemed to have that Go Big Or Go Home attitude..
Loads of riders sending over the gap from the flat down to the black pipe and off of the pole jam at the bottom.
Check out these great shots from Jools Smith..

This week at SNO!park Mk we have the Donky kink rail and the black gas pipe,
Moving down the slope to a double kicker line with a pole jam on one of the jumps for you to send it off.
Then to finish we have the gaspipe stall.
The rookie rail line will be on the opposite slope to practice your tricks on .

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Our Favourite features of the month..

 Check it out..
This great looking castle feature at the Mottolino Fun park Italty..

New SHRED! coaching dates at SNO!zone MK

The latest SHRED! coaching dates at SNO!park MK are here.
23rd April.
9th MAY - 28th MAY.
11th JUNE - 27th JUNE.
4th JULY- 23rd JULY.

Whether your new to freestyle riding , Looking to increase your Bag of tricks or just want to add some style to your riding then SHRED! coaching courses are for you.
With Private features out on the hill, both kickers and boxes,All shaped by SNO!zones award winning SNO!park team.

Coaching with the SHRED! team coaches you will help you see some great progression at a great price!

Both ski and board courses will be running with small groups, no bigger than 8-10 people, on a nice quiet evening at SNO!Zone Milton Keynes.

To book Call 08712225673

This weeks park SNO!park MK..

This week st SNO!park MK we have the rookie park on the the left hand slope. On the right hand side we have a pair of gas pipes the top one black pipe and one orange pipe. Moving down the slope we have the flat down and a street rail down bar, Then we have the flat box and a lamp post rail and to finsh up we have the rocket pipe at the bottom.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Parkstrife Boarders Boards Edit..

Check out the Edit from the Boarders Boards Parkstrife  SNO!zone Edit from the night...

SNO!park Mk team and Boarders Boards..

A shout out and big thanks to Boarders Boards store Northampton for the new uniforms for the Mk SNO!park team.

This weeks park at SNO!park MK..

Here it is, This week we have a Gas pipe and Burton down bar at the top, Followed by a pole jam and Double down bar. Moving on to another pole jam and donkey dick and then a gas pipe to finish.
The rookie park is as usual on the opposite side of the slope..

Monday, 2 April 2012

SNO!park MK Boarders Boards Take over..

Well if you wernt here at Mk on friday then you missed a banger..
It was the SNO!zone Park Strife event Taken over by Boarders Boards Running there Jam session competition..
The night went off like an illeagal chinese firework.
FBBBs Mikee Chen on the mic and the Skull Candy Djs on the decks the night was sick..
Check out these edits already out there on the web and check it for yourselves..

FBBB Team Edit..

FBBB at the Boarders Boards Jam from For Boarders by Boarders on Vimeo.

Boarders Boards Edit..

Now this is Park Shaping at its best..

The NIKE chosen series park is shaped ready to go, Cant wait to see the riding edit...

Nike Chosen Sessions - Park Unveiling from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.