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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hemel Park plan this Friday...

Here it is check it out park plan for Hemel Snow center park  Shaped by Mikee , Aly and the crew, looks sweet.....

What We've been watching this week.....

This week we have a few vids we have been watching over and over....

First one was sent to me by T.A and is
Colton Morgan at Northstar.

Colton Morgan at Northstar from Bryce Hymans on Vimeo.

Next is the last Bear  video of the season...

And finally The all GIRL video PEEPSHOW winter wars Teaser....
These girls are SENDING it...

Winter Wars teaser from peepshow on Vimeo.

Park setup MK this week....

This weeks park is coming together nicely, We have a flat rail and gas pipe at the top
then down to the down flat down and black gas pipe, then an up pipe to barrel tap and then a tricky elbow gas pipe at the bottom.

As usual SNO!acadamy  coaches will be out on the left hand slope to give you some tips  on the pipe and the kicker.

Friday, 22 April 2011

New kit for SNO!park MK Shapers…

This week has been pretty hectic at SNO!park MK, We have been planning parks for the next few weeks , including the plan for Park strife on the 14th of May.(will be up shortly).
Also we have been doing some filming, Edit to follow shortly.

Biggest new of all we have been supplied some sweet new AIR BLASTER uniforms , courtesy of the gents at STG SNOW.
So a massive thank you Chris and Liam at STG.

MK Park shapers can now be spotted all in black AIR BLASTER from head to toe building the features for you weekly.
 The guys at STG SNOW still have a few bits and pieces left in there end of season sale on there site so defiantly worth checking out to grab a bargain.

Monday, 18 April 2011

This weeks park plan SNO!zone MK...

This weeks SNO!park MK park setup is here, with have an all Snow ledge rail at the top alongside a black gas pipe, then theres the battle ship and a donkey kink gas pipe leading to a double rhythm section and a big barrel tap to finish up.

The SNO!academy park will be at the top of the other slope for anyone looking for some tips and coaching on thursday evening from 7 till 9.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A few clips from the past few weeks......

The past few weeks at SNO!park MK have been pretty sweet, We have had a few events and some fun features.
Here are a few clips from my GOPRO chucked together.
Neil campbell
Joe Grace
Reece Gould
Thom Boddington

Thanks for watching......

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What weve been Watching.....

Havent been lucky enough to get away to the mountains this season?
Well just to make you even more jealous, Tales from the T bar is a monthly production brought to you by Chris Chatt and a collection of Uk Snowboarders including SNO!park MKs Neil campbell all filmed this winter in Mayrhofen, Austria.
We have been watching over the past few months and think there awesome,
Check them out..

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hemel park setup this week...

This weeks park plans looking sick with 2 kickers
and a variety of jibbing delights for your shredding pleasure.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


STG Snow have been in contact with us this week. They currently have an end of season Ex rental sale Now On.
Get your hand on a bargain from Flux bindings , Stepchild boards and 32 boots.
Check out there site or contact Chris and Liam for more info.

Limited stock so get there first.....

This weeks park setup at MK....

This weeks park plan is here. We have a nice little setup for you this week with all the features side by side down the centre of the slope.
we have the down pipe and rainbow at the top, then the orange gas pipe and shotgun down rail at the lip then down to a barrel tap and the return of the C box and to finish off weve got  a small gas pipe to the picnic bench.

Thursday will of course have the  SNO!acadamy coaches for ski and board from 7 till 9 on the Progression park on the other slope.

Park Shaper Blog Sticker it up...

We now have some sweet new PARKSHAPER.BLOG Stickers thanks to Steve Terry and his new vinyl cutter.
They are awesome quality and in loads of different colors.

If you are looking to have some Stickers made why not drop
Steve Terry a message for a quote.
And while you at it check out his son Jake Terrys site.

Thanks again Steve.

Monday, 11 April 2011

What We've Been Watching...

A big park of building and shaping parks is looking for inspiration for new features, Jack, Neil and myself are always watching the latest videos from various websites.
Heres a small selection of our favourites for this week!

Isensevern -Welcome Trailer

JIB For Japan - Bear mountain
Danny Davis  Burton slush 2011

Friday, 8 April 2011

A Standard week as a park shaper…

Being a park shaper at SNO!park MK, you would of thought the job was pretty self explanatory. Come to work and design and shape the park…
This week though was a bit of an exception.

We had a pretty busy week in the park this week, We had our monthly SNO!fresh student event on Wednesday afternoon, Which meant the park needed to be pushed and shaped on Monday and Tuesday.
So Monday Night myself and Jack got all the features into place and Dan pushed all the snow for us in the kat.
Tuesday Morning jack and myself rolled up to work in the morning to be told that we where needed to help shift some snow to the front of the building.
So we loaded up a trailer with the snow using the snow blower and headed to the front of the Xscape building.
When we got there we found out it was all for a photo shoot for the new Harvester restaurant , so we rolled out some green carpet put down the snow and put a few Xmas trees out and out came all the waitresses and chefs dressed in snowboard gear for the shoot.
That was one job down for the busy week.

Wednesday we started the day getting the park ready for SNO!fresh.
With the park all ready, myself and jack where asked to help out with an interview.

Neither of us where too sure what we had to do or say but we agreed and went to meet the film crew.
They where from a local college, they where filming for a project to make a children’s TV show, and had chosen snowboarding as one of there topics.
We got the initial interviews out of the way with me and jack feeling and must have been looking pretty awkward. Bet the footage is really funny.
Then a taught one of the film crew to snowboard whilst they where filming.
I think they just wanted the guy to fall over to be honest.

Thursday was another shaping day in the park as usual, with an evening of coaching some of the SNO!zone sponsored riders, this week was Bex and Skyla, who both killed it.
Skyla hasn’t been riding freestyle very long, as she has been working on boarder cross riding, but this week killed it by facing her fears and hit up some of the biggest rails she has hit so far.

Friday is usually a reshape day in the park , getting the features back up to scratch for Friday night shred night, but this week I was asked to help out  at a local school assembly.
The Theme for the assembly was extreme sports and my job was to present all the certificates and trophies to the winners.

So as you can see a park shapers job isn’t just to shape the park for Freestyle nights and events, there is always plenty more to be done.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This weeks park plan SNO!zone MK...

We have already started building this weeks park.
So here it is, nothing has been shaped yet but you can still get an idea of how its going to look for thursday and friday.
This week we have the rookie and coaching park at the top of the left hand slope as usual, with some training rails and a small kickers to practice your moves on before stepping it up to the right hand slope.
Where we have a black gas pipe and a flat rail at the top,
The down flat down setup black gas pipes and a flat box rail.
Then we have the Burton Hi 5 wall ride/stall and the battleship and finally if you didnt get to ride last saturday or maybe didnt get all the tricks you wanted on it we have the quarter pipe at the bottom.



Saturday April 2nd  was the monthly event, Park strife at SNO!zone Milton Keynes.
We had spent the week Designing and building the park setup for the nights shred.
If you had been following earlier posts you would of seen the build photos from the week, and the park preview pics.

We had been saving the stair set down rails specifically for Saturday as well as the barrel taps and quarter pipe.
I think I can safely say the riders on the night where not  disappointed, judging by the tricks that where being thrown down it was exactly the opposite.
Stand out riders of the night where of course  SNO!zone sponsored riders Reece and Connor Gould, ATV and FBBBs very own Aly Mac had came back to his roots for a night to see how it goes down at MK these days. And one of SNO!zones Instructors Joe Grace was also throwing some shapes , with some different lines and gnarly gaps.

As well as the main park we had the debut of our private SNO!acadamy park setup.
Which was completely shut off between 7 and 9 pm for the lucky 20 boarders and 10 skiers who prebooked for the event evening pass. Where they received coaching from myself , Mark and Rachi.
These 30 riders not only benefited from some rail and kicker tips they all also received a bunch of goodies and spot prizes all provided from Bucks Boarding Center.
Keep an eye out for more pre booking offers in the future.

At the bottom of the slope we had STG snow providing a board demo with the latest Stepchild,32 and flux gear, and live artwork being painted on a giant wall by leon
Check out more of his work here.

 The night had a really good atmosphere, a really good turn out and a fun time had by all.
For more photos from the event check out     lots of pics.

Friday, 1 April 2011


For the past few months I have been tattooed by Gabor at Adrenalin tattoo studio in Luton.
I met Gabor at SNO!zone  Milton Keynes, in fact I taught him to snowboard and we got chatting about tattoos , and he invited me down to the studio.
I was looking for a Japanese inspired half sleeve, so after telling Gabor the kind of stuff I was looking at, he got out the Felt tips and started drawing straight onto my arm, about 15 mins later I had a waves and mountains with some cherry blossoms on my arm , I checked it out in the mirror and the tattooing began.

Adrenalin tattoo studio is a really nice and welcoming studio, everyone is really friendly and welcoming and looking at the pictures on display the work from all the tattooist work is of a really high standard.

Gabors work can been seen on quite a few people at SNO!zone  and will soon have some of his painting artwork displayed along with a number of other artists at an art exhibition at SNO!zone in the next few months.

Check out:

SMK Snowboard Super Camps...

Fancy a late season shred trip?

Then check out the SMK super camp 2, From 16th to 23rd April 2011 in Avoriaz .
The super camp comprises of a weeks freestyle coaching, Night jibbing sessions, photo and video shoots contests, BBQ parties, music festivals and pro guest riders.
Avoriaz is home to some of the best freestyle parks in Europe, including the Burton Stash park.
There are 2 options to book onto the camp.

The Gold package-

Includes 7 nights accommodation in self catered fully equipped apartments in the center of Avoriaz.

A 6 day lift pass.
And 2 hours per day coaching for All Levels and abilities given by highly qualified instructors and Pro riders.

All for £470

The Free package-

6 day ski pass and 7 nights accommodation.

All for £360

Optional extras-

Coach transportation from, Manchester, Birmingham or London- £120
Snowboard Rental- £85
Ski travel insurance- £18 for the week

To book your place or for more information

More info on the SMK website.