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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Saturday April 2nd  was the monthly event, Park strife at SNO!zone Milton Keynes.
We had spent the week Designing and building the park setup for the nights shred.
If you had been following earlier posts you would of seen the build photos from the week, and the park preview pics.

We had been saving the stair set down rails specifically for Saturday as well as the barrel taps and quarter pipe.
I think I can safely say the riders on the night where not  disappointed, judging by the tricks that where being thrown down it was exactly the opposite.
Stand out riders of the night where of course  SNO!zone sponsored riders Reece and Connor Gould, ATV and FBBBs very own Aly Mac had came back to his roots for a night to see how it goes down at MK these days. And one of SNO!zones Instructors Joe Grace was also throwing some shapes , with some different lines and gnarly gaps.

As well as the main park we had the debut of our private SNO!acadamy park setup.
Which was completely shut off between 7 and 9 pm for the lucky 20 boarders and 10 skiers who prebooked for the event evening pass. Where they received coaching from myself , Mark and Rachi.
These 30 riders not only benefited from some rail and kicker tips they all also received a bunch of goodies and spot prizes all provided from Bucks Boarding Center.
Keep an eye out for more pre booking offers in the future.

At the bottom of the slope we had STG snow providing a board demo with the latest Stepchild,32 and flux gear, and live artwork being painted on a giant wall by leon
Check out more of his work here.

 The night had a really good atmosphere, a really good turn out and a fun time had by all.
For more photos from the event check out     lots of pics.

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