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Monday, 28 May 2012

This weeks park setup at SNO!park MK..- Signiture Sessions.

This Thursday we have the rookie park on the left hand slope with some smaller features for you to practice on.
Moving to the other slope we have the down bar with firecracker steps to land on, and a closed out black pipe.
Moving down we have 15meters of the world record rail and them a kicker with a launch box in the center and other trannys to hit..
To finish we have the triple gas pipe drop down…

This Fridays park has been designed by SNO!zone and Forum snowboards rider Gazza Andrews..
It s a pretty tech setup with many of the features having multiple hits and trannys..
Added from the Thursday park will be a butter box with two gas pipe hits and another raised pipe at the bottom..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Signature Sessions - Gazza Andrews..

Signature Sessions returns to SNO!park Mk on June 1st.
This month it’s the turn of rail riding champ FBBB, Forum and SNO!zone rider Gazza Andrews to design a park setup of epic proportion.
If you have ever seen Gazza shredding at SNO!park Mk then you know your in for a treat getting to shred the park he has dreamt up.
 No doubt it will be uber tech with more rails/gaps and trannys than you can shake your shred stick at..
 The park plan will be unveiled soon so keep an eye out on the SNO!zone facebook page and of course here at PARKSHAPER.BLOG.

Check out his latest Home Grown Edit.

Monday, 14 May 2012

This weeks park plan at SNO!park Mk..

This week at SNO!park Mk we have the rookie park on the top left of the slope, consisting of two smaller rails and a box jump.
On the other side we have a pair of gas pipes , moving down to a pole jam and the hitching post then down to a raised gas pipe and a stall and a pair of street style rails to finish..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

This weeks park plan at SNO!park Mk..

This week we have a gas pipe and the squre bar at the top, moving down to a battleship made using the giant pipes and the flat box. Down the slope there will be a kicker and and elbow gas pipe to finish..

On the other slope we have the rookie features and a mogul field..