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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

This week at Snopark MK..

This week at Snozone the park nights are on Thursday and Friday.
The run down of the park park is as follows..
Starting on the right hand slope there will be a black gasser and square bar rail, This will be followed by the big flat down and the donkey kink rail.
Then we have another nice big kicker followed by a gasser stall and the picnic bench.

On the opposite slope there will be the smaller park setup which consists of ride on gasser and flat box, a smaller kicker and the battle ship and rainbow box to finish.

This half term we will have our family park out all week. This will consist of smaller boxes, rails, kickers and rollers for all the family to have fun on.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This week at Snozone Mk

This Saturday at Snopark Milton Keynes sees the return of Who’s Afraid of the Park.
Freestyle Ski and Board Coaches and some of Snozone’s sponsored rider team will be on hand to provide trick tips on the park features.
This event is for all abilities with park features designed to suit everyone.

Starting at the top of  the right hand slope there will be the donkey kink orange gassers along side a black gasser, moving down to a gas pipe battle ship and the shotgun down rail.
Then there will be a kicker and to finish the run a tire jump and the picnic bench table top.

On the opposite slope there is a smaller park to practice your tricks on which consists of the battle ship box and back gasser, a small kicker and the flat box and rainbow box to finish.

So three evenings of freestyle features at Snozone Mk this week Thursday Friday and Saturday.
See you there..

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red Nose Day at Snozone MK

On the 8th March the Parkshaper team at Snozone MK, Built a pair of giant red noses to help raise money for Red Nose Day 2013.
The features where made from a pair of big tractor tires boarded up and painted red with this years Red Nose face painted on the front.

The idea was to challenge the riders to jump spin and flip over the noses so that Snowboard photographer Jools Smith could get some great shots..

The night was a great success with people coming from far and wide to send it over the noses.

The pictures have been used by press in and around MK. This shot taken from this week MK News.

Keep your eyes peeled on Friday nights Comic relief show for park shapers @thomparkshaper and @neilparkshaper sending the spins over the noses early friday morning filmed by the BBC.

Monday, 11 March 2013

This week at Snopark MK..

This week at Snopark Mk there will be 3 nights of Freestyle features.
Wednesday night is the Student special Snofresh and Thursday and Friday freestyle night.

Starting on the left hand slope, the rookie park consisting of the picnic bench and orange pipe, then a kicker and a black gasser and flat box.

On the right hand slope there is the donkey kink at the top next to a raised black gasser. Moving down there is the shotgun down bar and a pole jam.

Then there is a kicker with a gasser built in , to finish the run there is an up gasser to flat box to down gasser to form a battle ship next to the round bar rail.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Swag District Devil Dogs MK 2013

Snake and Hammers...

Snake & Hammers - Banked slopestyle at the Nike Snowpark Montafon

From 24 to 26 March 2013 the „Snake & Hammers“ banked slopestyle at Silvretta
Montafon/Austria is going to be a blast. Riding an innovative contest course amateurs, local heroes, snowboard legends and pros together take up the challenge of timekeeping and obstacle judging. The snowboarders with the best all-around riding skills get the chance to win $10,000 prize money.Nike Snowboarding presents „Snake & Hammers“ – a unique snowboarding competition designed to test a snowboarder´s best all-around riding skills. The course combines the turns of traditional banked slalom with the features of a slopestyle event. Next to smaller, sharp turns and long banks the riders are awaited by hips, kickers and jib obstacles. A rider´s overall goal is to „snake“ down as fast as they can while dropping their best „hammers“. Everyone is invited to take part wherefore motivated amateurs shred together with pros and experienced snowboard legends. A contest has rarely become that exciting and funny at the same time – because only riders who really have a high level of board control and come out on top of this interesting starting field win a part of the $10,000 prize money.

Schedule Snake & Hammers:24 March 2012 | Show Day – Special sessions, shootings, live band and barbecue25 March 2013 | Qualification amateurs26 March 2013 | Finals / Super FinalsAll riders are able to register online from now on.

Further information of the contest are published on

Monday, 4 March 2013


The #Parklife Project was the brainchild of Jamie Trinder. The idea is to capture their lives, travels and tricks in photo and video. The #Parklife Series will be filmed 100% on iON cameras and will follow the day to day lives of Henry Shackleton, Ollie Jackson, Lewis Courtier Jones, Jamie Trinder and any friends who come along for the ride.
Pleisure holidays in Courcheval will be the season base and the DC Park in Meribel will be their playground. Jamie Trinder said “Using iON cameras allows us to film high quality footage easily without having to spend all our time setting up and dragging around fancy and expensive camera equipment.
As riders, we need to train as well as film and without having our own personal cameraman, the iON Air Pro helps to do both with ease. The iON is small, tough and lightweight. You don’t even notice it in your pocket when you’re riding” Henry said “Getting footage is always so hard because everyone wants footage of themselves but no one wants to carry the camera bag and be responsible for it. So the bag sits at the top of the park and you hope no one nicks it. In this modern age, we all have iON cameras in our pockets!”
As sunny days are spent lapping the chairlifts of the worlds snow parks, these guys are bound to get some great riding footage but it doesn’t stop there. When they’re Facebook page hits 1000 likes, Ollie (man child) Jackson will wax his chest to get some more great footage. So go and like: and keep an eye out for the edits.
#Parklife crew lapping the DC Park in Meribel. Lewis gets his shin gashed:
All filmed on an iON camera

#Parklife episode 1 Meribel laps from Parklife Series on Vimeo.

This week at Snopark MK.

This week at Snopark MK on Wednesday the park will be out for 3 days. This Wednesday will be the Student Snofresh night with special prices for students with a valid NUS card.
This Thursday there will be the standard freestyle night and then on Friday Snozone will be fundraising for Comic relief by building 2 big red nose jibs into the park for you to jump, spin and flip over..
A percentage of the ticket price for every 4 hour pass purchased will be donated.

This weeks park starting on the right hand slope, consists of the shotgun down rail and a black gasser at the top. Then the flat down beside ‘Boxzilla’ all of the rookie boxes put together- Rainbow,flat and battle ship box.
Then there is the kicker ( with the addition of the Red Nose on Friday) an to finish the run the newly painted battleship rail and the square bar.

On the opposite slope there will be the big flat picnic bench and the orange pipe.
Then moving down to the kicker( the red nose will be added for Friday night) then to finish the run a black gasser and flat box..

Keep up to date with the latest event info and park plans at PARKSHAPER.BLOG Facebook page