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Monday, 4 March 2013

This week at Snopark MK.

This week at Snopark MK on Wednesday the park will be out for 3 days. This Wednesday will be the Student Snofresh night with special prices for students with a valid NUS card.
This Thursday there will be the standard freestyle night and then on Friday Snozone will be fundraising for Comic relief by building 2 big red nose jibs into the park for you to jump, spin and flip over..
A percentage of the ticket price for every 4 hour pass purchased will be donated.

This weeks park starting on the right hand slope, consists of the shotgun down rail and a black gasser at the top. Then the flat down beside ‘Boxzilla’ all of the rookie boxes put together- Rainbow,flat and battle ship box.
Then there is the kicker ( with the addition of the Red Nose on Friday) an to finish the run the newly painted battleship rail and the square bar.

On the opposite slope there will be the big flat picnic bench and the orange pipe.
Then moving down to the kicker( the red nose will be added for Friday night) then to finish the run a black gasser and flat box..

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