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Monday, 4 March 2013


The #Parklife Project was the brainchild of Jamie Trinder. The idea is to capture their lives, travels and tricks in photo and video. The #Parklife Series will be filmed 100% on iON cameras and will follow the day to day lives of Henry Shackleton, Ollie Jackson, Lewis Courtier Jones, Jamie Trinder and any friends who come along for the ride.
Pleisure holidays in Courcheval will be the season base and the DC Park in Meribel will be their playground. Jamie Trinder said “Using iON cameras allows us to film high quality footage easily without having to spend all our time setting up and dragging around fancy and expensive camera equipment.
As riders, we need to train as well as film and without having our own personal cameraman, the iON Air Pro helps to do both with ease. The iON is small, tough and lightweight. You don’t even notice it in your pocket when you’re riding” Henry said “Getting footage is always so hard because everyone wants footage of themselves but no one wants to carry the camera bag and be responsible for it. So the bag sits at the top of the park and you hope no one nicks it. In this modern age, we all have iON cameras in our pockets!”
As sunny days are spent lapping the chairlifts of the worlds snow parks, these guys are bound to get some great riding footage but it doesn’t stop there. When they’re Facebook page hits 1000 likes, Ollie (man child) Jackson will wax his chest to get some more great footage. So go and like: and keep an eye out for the edits.
#Parklife crew lapping the DC Park in Meribel. Lewis gets his shin gashed:
All filmed on an iON camera

#Parklife episode 1 Meribel laps from Parklife Series on Vimeo.

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