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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

For boarders by boarders online shop..

Check out the latest threads for sale at the For Boarders by Boarders online store.

Come and Support the cause - All proceeds go back into the FBBB enterprise to allow us to do more events for the communities we represent.


Here is the latest FBBB edit shot at the XC skate park in Hemel using the AR drone...

Monday, 24 June 2013

This week at Snozone MK

Here is this weeks park plan for Snozone Milton Keynes.
The rookie park on the left hand slope consists of a line of the smaller box features including the flat box, rainbow and the battleship box.
Alongside the boxes we have the orange gasser, a small rocket pipe and a ride on black gasser.

On the opposite slope we have a black gasser at the top next to a box combo.
Moving down the slope we have a gasser spine and the down flat down square bar.
Then we have a kicker with a pair of gas pipe flat down’s built into it. One for each side so that you can get creative with how you hit it.

Then to finish the line we have a pair or down rails, one is a round bar and the other a square bar. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Park at MK 20th and 21st June

Here is this Thursday and Fridays park plan for Snozone Milton Keynes.
On the Left hand slope we have our small family park setup which will be open all weekend as well as for this Thursday and Fridays freestyle nights.

Starting at the top we have a triple setup including the gas pipe, small flat box and picnic bench.
Moving down the slope we have a small kicker and then the rainbow and battleship boxes and the pole jam.

On the right hand slope we have to main park setup which consists of the orange gasser a pole jam down the middle and the shotgun down rail.
Moving down the slope we have a black gasser a small kicker and the donkey kink rail going into the gas pipe double spines.

To finish the run we have a rocket pipe and a pair of boxes side by side for you to get creative on.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Park setup for MK this week..

Here is this weeks park plan for Snozone MK.
This week we have park setup 4 day in a row with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday freestyle nights and Saturday being the return of Who’s afraid of the park freestyle ski and board coaching from 7pm.
Join the facebook events page for all the latest on the night -

Starting on the left hand slope we have the picnic bench and a short gasser at the top.
Moving down we have a small kicker and another gasser and the pole jam to finish the line.

For the main park setup we have the drop down boxes and a black gasser. Then we have the donkey kink, a small kicker and boxzilla. Moving down the slope we have double take off kicker and to finish the line a gasser stall and the orange gasser. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

This weeks park plans for Snozone Mk..

This week at Snozone Mk on Friday its the For Boarders By Boarders take over.
Expect a night of great fun and progression starting from 7pm.

This year the FBBB team are taking the competition element out of their events.
Taking it back to how we all started..Just to have a good time with your pals.

This event is aimed at all freestyle riding abilities with coaching from Grounded freestyle for anyone looking for tips and trick challenges on features for the chance to win great prizes from Celtek, Westbeach, Boarders boards and DC..

Salomon snowboards will be setting up the demo station at the bottom of the slopes for you to test out the latest boards and bindings.

For more info on the night check out the facebook events page-

This Wednesday evening we have the rookie park open from 7pm consisting of the rainbow and battleship boxes at the top followed by a kick and the flat box and pole jam at the bottom.

On Thursday night the main park will be open with a gasser, square bar and picnic bench at the top. This will be followed by the shotgun down bar and drop down boxes.
Then we have a kicker/hip and the giant gassers and a rocket pipe to finish the line.

On Friday for the FBBB event there will be the addition of the FBBB tire jump.

Prebook your pass for Friday today.. give Snozone a call on 0871 222 5673