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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chris Chatt sending it at SNO!park MK...

Check this little edit by Carter Hewlett of Chris Chatt from the Burton Hi 5 at SNO!park MK the other week...

MAC 11 WITH CHRIS CHATT from Carter Hewlett on Vimeo.

Tales of the T Bar season 2...

Ok so here it is..
If you watched the edits from art season you gonna love this. the T Bar crew are unto there usual antics once again.

Oh god does that really mean another season of Tales From The T-Bar?
Looks like they have roped in some of the worlds best Snowboarders to help boost ratings.... Will it help? Do they care? Is anyone evan reading this?
During this episode we take A look at Westy and Plumley getting a little pre season shred up at the Hintertux Gletcsher ironing out the perverbial creases, Whilst Chatt is in Amsterdam with the Ride team doing A spot of Christmas shopping in the red light district!

Check it out.

Tales From The T-Bar Bar 2.1 from tales from the t bar on Vimeo.

Monday, 28 November 2011

This weeks park plan SNO!park MK...

Ok so here it is .. This week we have the park moved over onto the left hand slope due to the build of the world record rail for the Whitelines rail jam and Record attempt..

We have a pair of gas pipes at the top.. one smooth and one ribbed..
then down to the big flat box and  down bar. Then on to a donkey kink pipe and the big battleship.

WESTBEACH signature session edit SNO!park MK....

Last month was the signature sessions park setup designed by Westbeach rider Laura Berry...
So to celebrate Lauras set up, her fellow WESTBEACH team riders came down for an after hours shred..
Andy Nudds, Matt Macwhirter and Jesse Smith came down that night for a Shred.
Check out the edit..

Friday, 25 November 2011

Whitelines Rail jam and world record rail attemt....

Next Friday 2nd of December history will be made at SNO!park Mk...
A monster 85 meter rail will be decending on the slopes..
Have you got what it takes to be a world record holder?
Come down and see how far you can slide....

Heres what whitelines have to say about it...

Whitelines’ Rail Jam has joined forces with EA Sports’ new snowboard game SSX Tricky and Sno!Zone, to try and break the World Record for the longest rail slide ever on a snowboard. With fame and glory awaiting the new world record holder – the form of a £1,000 cash prize and a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – there’s all to play for!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to the event, which takes place on Friday December 2nd at the Milton Keynes Sno!Zone. We’ll be running our rail jam as normal on a specially-built park, so even if you don’t fancy a crack at the record it’ll be well-worth it – there will be spot prizes for the best tricks in the jam, as per, and a big ol’ party after the event. Plus, you may well get to see history in the making! With the current record standing at 66.9 metres (set by a Spanish rider in the Madrid snowdome) we reckon there’s every chance that one of our riders will smash the record on our 80-metre behemoth and claim the monster cash prize. So see you down there!

Riders who want to have a crack at the record, please contact with any questions.

Check back here at PARKSHAPER.BLOG for the park build....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

SNO!park Milton Keynes Burton High 5 Edit...

Here it is, The Edit from last Fridays event, Courtesy of the GONZILLA.TV gents..
Check it out..

Kids girls
1. Becky Menday
2. Cerys Allen
3. Skyla Bailey

Kids boys
1. Jake Binnie
2. Tomski Robinson
3. Leo Fordham

Junior Girls
1. Natalie Silkstone

Junior boys
1. Reece Gould
2. Connor Gould
3. Josh Ogden

Senior female
1. Becky Menday
2. Orla Doolin
3. Izzy Jones

Senior males
1. John Weatherley
2. Andy Nudds
3. Ross Needham

Dont forget to visit GONZILLA.TV after December 2nd to  vote for your favorite stop of the event.
The winning slope will win a selection of some of the features to add the there park arsenal...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This weeks park plan SNO!park MK...

This weeks park plan is looking like this..

We have the rookie park on the left hand slope as usual full of boxes, pipes and a nice small kicker,
Then on the right hand slope we have the lamp post rail and the gas pipe donkey kink followed by the big flat box and a gas pipe down flat down, moving on to a kicker and an elbow gas pipe to finish...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Burton High 5 at SNO!park MK pics...

So thats it done.. All the work,blood,sweat and tears that went into the building of the park was totally worth it.. The night went off at SNO!park MK. A big thank you to everyone who gave us props  on the night for the park , The most important thing for us was to provide a park for you guys to enjoy and do what you do best on...

The level of riding on the night was really high.. Mks very own park shaper and Newest member of the Bataleon team Neil Cambell was sending it as always with some impressive acrobatics one the High 5 hitching post... 
The goulds where keeping it tech on the down rails and jack and skyla where holding it down for the young guns...

These pics are courtesy of wilf at LOTSOFPICS.CO.UK check out the rest of the gallery from the night...

The video will be dropping shortly at GONZILLA.TV so keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to vote after the 2nd December..

Friday, 11 November 2011

Burton high 5 Park Build SNO!park MK Day 4-5....

The day is here The park is just about finished.. just the final touches to go now..
For those of you that went for a Thursday night shred then you would of see whats instore for todays event, but if you didn't manage to get down last night, Here is some pics from throughout the build so you can get in idea of the whole park setup..

All photos taken with a PHONE FISHEYE courtesy of @neilparkshaper...

The event starts at 7pm and will run through till 11pm
Arrive early to avoid the queue and to get registered...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Burton High 5 Park Build SNO!park MK Day 3....

Ok so this week is going fast... Wednesday already.
The park is shaping up nicely.. with the bottom two features shaped , last night we pushed the feature a bit further up the hill and today we have shaped it..
We even had time for a couple of hits, and it all rides beautifully.
were all looking forward to the Shred on friday now..

Tonight we are all going back in for 11 to get the park pushed ready for thursday night and work on another set of High 5 features for Fridays event..
This weeks park plan for Thursday Eve...
The High 5 park will be open Friday only.

More Pics to follow shortly...

Don't forget to book your space to avoid disappointment on the night!
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Or call 0871 222 5673

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Burton High 5 Park Build SNO!park MK Day 2....

Ok so two days into the Burton High 5 park build now.. Monday Night we pushed the bottom two features, and then Tuesday we have put a rough shape on them and then iced in the bits that need it..
The finishing touches where made to the Burton Bench repairs, so its looking good as new now.
We also spent a bit of time creating a few extra bits and bobs for the park, but thats about all we can say so not to ruin the surprise..
Tuesday Night We all went back in at 11 to get the next lot of features pushed, this time a bit further up the slope at get off point one...
We started by pushing all the snow needed and then got the features in place, al thats needed now is to shape it up and ice in the bits that need it...

Keep following our build here at PARKSHAPER.BLOG,
All will become Clearer as the week goes on..
Also Follow us on Twitter for an up to the minuet look at the park..


Don't forget to book your space to avoid disappointment on the night!
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Monday, 7 November 2011

Gaborz Tattoo shop....

My good friend Gabor has recently opened his own tattoo shop on Harrow Road in London.
The new shop is called Gaborz Plan9 Tattoo shop, for those of you who have read PARKSHAPER.BLOG before then you may of seen the blog i wrote when Gabor did my first tattoo , I can't recommend him enough..
Since my tattoo he has tattood my wife and quite a few mates and all of them have been stoked with his work..He has been tattooing for over 15 years and specialises in custom freehand work and portraits.. For which he has won awards for at Tattoo conventions.
He has spent the past few months working hard to re-furb the shop and put his own style on the place, it looks amazing. There is soon to be flat screen TVs fitted so that you can watch Snowboard movies while getting your work done..

Gabor is a regular shredder at SNO!park MK and can be seen down there throwing down most freestyle nights. So if your looking for some tattoo advice or just looking to get some INK for xmas then look no further Gaborz Plan9 Tattoo Shop is the place to go.

Give him a call on - 07525921360
Or message him on FACEBOOK.

Burton HIGH 5 Park Build SNO!park MK Day 1....

Today was the first day of the SNO!park MK park build...
Rather than actually building anything as its still quite early in the week, we started off by confirming the park plan for the week, making sure all the rails are the correct size for there positions on the slope.

Once the plan was all sorted we had a look over our rails to check they're in good working order and straighten a few panels out..
We also had to remove all of the 'VOTE CAS' stickers that the castleford park team had cheekily stuck to all the Burton rails....
Naughty Naughty boys... It states in the rules you are not allowed to paint or sticker up the rails at all....
So after about an hour of picking the stickers finally came off...They must of been some good stickers , they didn't come off easily..

We also had received the Burton bench looking a bit beaten up with some panels missing , so we popped down to B and Q and got some wood to replace the panels and get the bench looking good once again.

That was about it for the day time today , but The Snow push will start tonight so we will be back to work at 11pm to start again..
Watch this space for more park progress....

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Burton High 5 to hit MK....

Friday 11th November... Yes thats this Friday..Will see the return of the Burton High 5 to SNO!park Milton Keynes.
The rails have now arrived and this week the MK SNO!park team will be working hard to produce a park worthy of the level of shredding thats set to go down at the end of the week.

This week you can check the progress of the park setup here at PARKSHAPER.BLOG..

Remember last years park setup?
Check it out..

Burton High5 Tour 2010 - Milton Keynes from Shred, Lies and Videotape on Vimeo.

So if you haven't already it is advisable to pre-book your pass for fridays event, To avoid
Click here to book...
Or call- 0871 222 5673

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Rock A Rail Jam...

Check out this sick edit from the ROCK A RAIL jam...
Keep an eye out for the UKs very own Mr Jonny Russel  throwing down.

We need a setup like this in the UK ......Dope...


1.Wessel van Lierop 
2. Felix Engström 
3. Cees Wille 

Best Trick: 
-Marc Swoboda 
-Bob van Unnik

The Burton HI 5 Tour strikes again....

Its that time again, The Burton Hi 5 Tour has begun...
This winter see the return of the tour which will travel the length of the country challenging both riders and park teams alike...
The gents at GONZILLA.TV will be covering each event producing sick edits of each stop.
check them out..

Burton High 5 2011: Braehead from on Vimeo.

Burton High 5 2011: Tamworth from on Vimeo.

The rest of the videos can be watched here once the events have took place..

Once all events are over you can vote for your favourite park HERE...