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Monday, 29 April 2013

3 nights to shred at MK this week..

This week at Snozone Milton Keynes we have three park nights.
Wednesday is our student night with full park setup, Thursday will be freestyle Thursday as usual and Friday will be the May park strife event..
See you on the slopes. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This week at snozone Mk..

Last weeks little set back with our snow Kat didn’t stop you guys having a great time with the minimal last minute park we created. You all seemed to keep it flowing both nights and we thank you for your patience. With a race event this weekend we are saving the slope a little but still bring you a great park to jib around but with an added bonus of 3 nights of freestyle rather than 2 starting on Wednesday evening.

Rookie side is pretty standard with a flat box and a solid gas pipe leading into a small kicker.

The main park starts with a flat gasser on your right as you drop in or the single bar donkey on your left. As you slide down you will come across a triple pipe section the middle of which being a short rocket. One of the sides will also be a donkey.
Further down we have the battleship rail with another flat gasser but just like last week it won’t have a take off so you can go crazy on it.
The final feature will be a gas pipe stall but with an added element but you will just have to head to MK on the night to see what it is.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

MK revised park plan...

The park plan for Mk this week has had to be revised due to problems with the snow Kat.
The slopes are open as normal but the park plan has been changed as the snow needed for the planned park couldnt be pushed.

Park open from 7pm.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This week at Snozone Mk

After last weeks buzz from both nights of freestyle we want to give you yet again something to get creative with.

The rookie features are the same as last week with the mini rainbow box on the right and on the left is the ride on pole jam. Further down we have a small kicker followed by the battleship box on the left or flat box on the right.

On the main park we have a flat gasser for  all riding types to play on and next to it a battleship gasser section but with a slight difference as it will be in a C set up with a couple of ways to hit it. Next up as you ride down we have the big flat box on your left and on the right a flat down set up made up of 2 street lamp rails. Main feature this week being a large Kicker after many requests from you hungry lot loving recent kicker sessions. Last but not least we bring you a tombstone style gas pipe with the c box a few meters behind which will make for sick shots. Enjoy Guys and Gals and we will see you at the top of the hill.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This week at Snozone Mk...

This week at SNOpark MK we bring you yet another awesome park for you to shred.

On the right hand slope as you start from the top we have the usual rookie features starting with the mini rainbow box on the right with the left having a small ride on pole jam. As you continue down we have a small kicker followed by the battleship box on the left or flat box on the right.

The main park starts with something a little different with a Y pipe set up giving you 3 ways of using the feature so you can get creative. As you continue down we then give you a street rail set up with 3 rails to choose from starting from the left we have a double down bar then the donkey single bar and finished with the shotgun double bar. Next down is a spine set up with a pipe running up the middle of the take off with a rail over the flat top, either side of the pipe you will be able to hit as a normal spine and the landing on each side can also be used to quarter up to the rail. The last final hits are both stalls bringing back 2 features not seen for a while including the old giant drinks can and the hitching post.

See you on Thursday and Friday.

Vans Hi standard Scotland..

At the weekend team Park shaper made the epic journey up to The Cairngorms in sunny Scotland for the Vans Hi standard series last stop..
After the long drive to the mountains we stopped off for some chips and haggis before meeting up with Chris Chatt and the Vans team who had been up the mountain all day getting things ready for what turned out to be one the most epic comps we have been to..

Snozone team riders Will gilmore, Jake Binnee and Josh Ogden all came up for the event along with Snozone staff member Paul Edwards..

Check out the edits and full write up here..

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This week at Snopark MK..

This week at Snozone Mk we have freestyle night on Thursday and Park Strife on Friday night..

On the left hand slope we have the small rookie park which consists of  the orange pipe the rainbow box a smaller kicker and the flat box and battle ship.

On the left hand slope we have a black gasser and flat box at the top, moving down to a pole jam and shotgun down rail. Then we have the tyre jump and big flat down box.
To finish the line we have the picnic bench and elbow gassers..