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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This week at Snozone Mk...

This week at SNOpark MK we bring you yet another awesome park for you to shred.

On the right hand slope as you start from the top we have the usual rookie features starting with the mini rainbow box on the right with the left having a small ride on pole jam. As you continue down we have a small kicker followed by the battleship box on the left or flat box on the right.

The main park starts with something a little different with a Y pipe set up giving you 3 ways of using the feature so you can get creative. As you continue down we then give you a street rail set up with 3 rails to choose from starting from the left we have a double down bar then the donkey single bar and finished with the shotgun double bar. Next down is a spine set up with a pipe running up the middle of the take off with a rail over the flat top, either side of the pipe you will be able to hit as a normal spine and the landing on each side can also be used to quarter up to the rail. The last final hits are both stalls bringing back 2 features not seen for a while including the old giant drinks can and the hitching post.

See you on Thursday and Friday.

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