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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This week at snozone Mk..

Last weeks little set back with our snow Kat didn’t stop you guys having a great time with the minimal last minute park we created. You all seemed to keep it flowing both nights and we thank you for your patience. With a race event this weekend we are saving the slope a little but still bring you a great park to jib around but with an added bonus of 3 nights of freestyle rather than 2 starting on Wednesday evening.

Rookie side is pretty standard with a flat box and a solid gas pipe leading into a small kicker.

The main park starts with a flat gasser on your right as you drop in or the single bar donkey on your left. As you slide down you will come across a triple pipe section the middle of which being a short rocket. One of the sides will also be a donkey.
Further down we have the battleship rail with another flat gasser but just like last week it won’t have a take off so you can go crazy on it.
The final feature will be a gas pipe stall but with an added element but you will just have to head to MK on the night to see what it is.

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