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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This week at Snozone MK

This week at Snozone there will be 3 nights of freestyle park out on the slopes. 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7pm. 

On the right hand slope there will be the donkey kink and raised gasser at the top. 
Moving down the slope we have the hitching post on the center with a gasser to one side and the down flat down to the other. 
Then there is a box down flat down and a round bar pole jam. 
To finish the run there is a 7 meter square bar and the big battle ship rail.

On the opposite slope there is the smaller rookie park which consists of the battle ship and flat box, 
then there is a small kicker and a gasser. 
To finish this run there is another gasser and the small pole jam. 

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