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Monday, 4 February 2013

This week at Snopark MK..

This week at Snopark Mk we have the Busc students competition on the Wednesday evening so this weeks main park will be on the opposite slope for Thursday and Friday. Starting at the top of the left hand slope we have the square bar down flat downa dn the donkey kink. Moving down we have a kicker with a gasser flat down built into the side. Then to finish the run we have the tyre jib and the big flat down box. On the opposite slope we have the battleship box and a black gasser.. Then we have a flat box and another gasser, then to finish the run and to make it three in a row we have another black gasser.. So a different layout for the park this week but still something for everyone and so fun line to be had..
 See you there for a shred.

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  1. Looks a good park....... Ps Like the new Picture Header