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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This week at MK..

Here is the park plan for this week at Snozone MK..
On the left hand slope we have the rainbow and battleship boxes, a small kicker and the orange pipe and pole jam..

On the Right hand slope we have the main park setup consisting of the Vans rail at the top next to a small gasser spine and a flat box.
Moving down the slope we have the down flat down next to the battleship rail and the 2nd half of the Vans rails.. We then have a kicker and to finish the run a gasser to picnic bench and 2 halfs of the giant gas pipes..

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  1. Any chance of bit more of a cap between middle setup.As the battleship/ House rail was way to close to the other two. That way people will be hitting it up instead of it being left untouched.Seem's a waste of time putting it out if no goes on it. It is a nice rail :)

    1. Thanks for the feed back man, We will take it into account next time we put it out. The reason it was closer than usual this week was so that you could gap from the side hits of the down flat down and the Vans rail to the down of the battleship.. This seemed pretty popular with people on Thursday night.. Cheers..

    2. Cheers For The Fast Reply. Thom

  2. I think the kickers need to be reshaped / repaired after being used for a couple of days. Last time there was a student night on the Weds by Friday nobody was hitting the left hand kicker cos it was trashed. If it's going to be up Saturday and Sunday too this week they'll be nothing left.