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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boarders Battle Stroke Raffle at Park Strife Oct 5th..

On October 5th at SNOZONE Mk we are holding a Charity Raffle to raise money for the Stroke Association. 
The night is also a Park Strife slope event so no better time to come down and shred the park , hit up the and enter the raffle for the a chance to go home with a great prize. 
Prizes have been donated by many extreme sports industry brands such as VANS, Monster, FBBB, Swap Boards, Allias23, Flow house Bedford, Butta, Boarders Boards, TJs surf shop, Westbeach and many more. 
The night is also to remember friends and family who may of been affect by STROKE. 
Here are a few words from Rachel whos mum sadly passed away earlier this year..

Many of you may or may not know what a stroke actually is? How it happens? When it happens? Or even why it happens.

Unfortunately as most of you will know I do.

My mother died 6 months ago following a very serious stroke and the complications that can follow. She was in hospital for 1 month following the stroke before she passed and in this month I learnt a lot about strokes and the stroke association.

My mum was a nurse herself and was very passionate about standards of care in all elements of the health service, and I know she would want me to shed some positive light on these last 6 months.

I would therefore like to use this Raffle/fundraiser to not only donate money to improve quality of life for people after a stroke, but also to raise awareness to just how common and sudden the strike of a stroke can be.

The stroke association is the major stroke charity in the UK, and they work with people who share their commitment to changing the world for people affected by a stroke- with stroke survivors and their families; with decision makers ; with researchers and medics as well as their supporters.

They believe that stroke can and should be prevented, and the power of research to save life’s. They know that with support people can recover well and do recover well

They believe that together we can get Stroke the attention it deserves, and change the world for the people it affects.

So if you can make it down on the night we 

look forward to 

seeing you there..

If you cant make it but would still like to donate 

to this great cause then please take a minute 

to visit our Just giving page. 

for up to date info on the event join the 

Facebook event page.

Thank you..

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