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Monday, 21 January 2013

This weeks park setup at Snopark MK..

So with all the snow we have had across the UK this week your either sick of the stuff or cant wait to get your shred on... For us its definitely the second one..

Its been great to see some UK riders heading out to the streets to hit up some of those spots you always pass day to day thinking to your self, If only we have some snow..

Here Is Rowan B sending it..

But if you missed the snow.. Or dont fancy the added danger of the main road or concrete steps then come on down this Thursday and Friday  for a Shred at Snopark MK..

This week at Snopark starting at the top of the right hand slope. We have a raised up gasser and square bar street rail, Then we have the donkey kink and a gasser down flat down.
Moving down the slope to a kicker with a gasser flat down built into the side.
To finish the run we have the round bar street rail and raised up orange pipe.

As usual on the opposite slope we have the small features. This week we have the flat box and the Rainbow and a smaller kicker..

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