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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


In partnership with The Circle London.

Time to get creativity on board with skate and snowboards providing a canvas for the FBBB pop-up art show, coming to The Circle London this January.

For Boarders By Boarders, the snow, skate, music and art community are bringing all their favourite things together for a pop-up art exhibit taking place this January in London. ‘BOARD S#!TL£$S’ is a unique art show concept inspired by the boards we all ride. Calling on 11 renowned UK artists, to hand paint or spray paint exclusive pieces for the show onto skateboards, snowboards, helmets and even the wall! The artists, inspired by skating and snowboarding, will be putting their creativity right on boards and on display for all to see at The Circle, Noel Street, London for an exclusive 4 weeks of ‘BOARD S#!TL£$S’.

Artists involved: Leon 'TheZombieChild' Campbell, CJ 'Mister Cee' Pidlaoan, Mister Batlow, Faunagraphic, Rair aka Chungfu, Daisuke and The Circle tattoo artists – Dawid Guara, Math, Rikki Jean, Aaron Anthony and Scott Move.

BOARD S#!TL£$S: January 31st 2013 till March 31th 2013
At The Circle London (Noel Street, W1F GP)
For more details check out:
And to rsvp to the opening evening:
Twitter: @fbbb06
Instagram: fbbb06

About the artists:

Leon 'TheZombieChild' Campbell, a 24-year-old South London based Graphic Illustrator and editor of the online independent arts and lifestyle publication 'Jailbate Magazine'. "My artistic style is heavily influenced by skateboarding, cinema, Hip Hop, Hardcore Punk, Street Fashion and Graphic novels. I like my stuff loud, expressive and to have a somewhat humorous narrative"

CJ 'Mister Cee' Pidlaoan is a designer, painter and photographer based in London. He is also designer for the award winning collective and label #TheUKC (The Ugly Kids Club). His work has been commissioned by a wide range of household names and labels such as Adidas, Evisu, The MOBOs, Ronnie Scotts and Snowbombing to name a few.

Mister Batlow is a designer and painter from London. Creator of Batlows Apples; the unique brand of creativity from Mister Batlow and Founder of #TheUKC (Ugly Kids Club - award winning collective and label). A versatile creative; Batlow works with a signature audacious use of colour that reference a street and pop culture aesthetic. From handbags to murals and tee shirts to teapots his work is bold, eye catching and full of Batlows own brand of wit and humour.

Faunagraphic currently lives and works in Sheffield, South Yorkshire England, She grew up in Yorkshire, surrounded by rolling countryside in a small town called Todmorden; it is clear where her inspiration came from. Her beautiful and delicate paintingsFeature birds organic shapes, animals, nature and character with an element of fantasy.

Daisuke Sakaguchi (THE 27 LIFE) London born artist Daisuke Sakaguchi presents his love for creative design and the fusion of his Japanese and British roots through his stunning paintings, sculptures, murals and artwork, expressing his passion for traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints and Irezumi. Using his skills of fine detailed work from his jewellery, he has applied this in his painting with the same amount, if not, with even more precision.

Rair aka chungfu is an award winning tattooist and multimedia artist. He is a member of the ugly kids club and Inklounge London and has worked on projects with radio1, KissFM, Nike and more.

Chris Dillon aka The Real Dill is a London based graphic designer, artist and illustrator. Relatively new to the industry, Chris has already gained recognition within the artistic community with print commissions and a D&AD Award for his illustration. He also works closely with the music industry having designed identities for up and coming electronic music producers including the infamous MPIA3. Chris has a very distinctive style, he uses drawing and typography to create images that are honest and original.

The Circle Team comprising of tattoo artists from many different styles: Ronnie Ronson - old school, Dawid Guara - realism, Math - graphic, Rikki Jean – lettering, Aaron Anthony – geometric dotwork and Scott Move - traditional surrealism. The team has individually shown in exhibitions and conventions around the world and are each critically acclaimed artists having been featured by Timeout, Tattoo Revolution, The Evening Standard and Juxtapoz.

About FBBB:
For Boarders By Boarders is a non-profit snow, skateboarding, music and art community formed in 2006 by a group of friends made up of boarders, park shapers, DJs, artists and designers. FBBB aimed to bring to life a vision of creating a unique and innovative brand with associated events that were all about encouraging progession and most importantly about having fun.

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