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Friday, 2 March 2012

Salomon Team Join the SNO!zone Team for a late night shoot...

This weeks been pretty damn exciting at SNO!park MK.
We organised a photo shoot with our own SNO!zone team and the Salomon team that took place on wednesday night..
At 10pm the park was looking crisp and the riders where arriving for what was set to be one of the most exciting evenings of riding we had seen in a while..

The SNO!zone team riders consisted of:
Tom guilmard, Gazza Andrews, Billy Nielson, Beckey Menday, Skyla Bailey, Jack Newland,
will gilmore, The gould brothers Conner and Reece,Kat Miller, Cerys Allen, Callum Waller, Rob Stronach and for the Skiers Nick Lark and Mason Ferebee.

SNO!zone park Team - Thom Boddington, Jack Falkner and Niel Cambell.

Salomon Team -
Scotty Arnold, Jed Anderson, Harrison Gordon, Viktor Wiberg, Criss Carr, Duncan Carr and Ben Rumney.

The teams head out just after 10 to start the night.
It didnt take long for the level of riding to go through the roof everyone was pushing and inspiring each other to go bigger, Some narly gaps where being had as well as some super tech riding.
We all rode till 11pm then the kat came out and had a quick groom round the features while we all went in for a cup of tea..

Then it was straight back out to shred again until 1am.
Check out all the amazing pics by Jools Smith on his Flikr page..

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  1. Such a fun night, thanks so much for sorting it out Thom I had a great time as you can see -