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Monday, 25 June 2012

This Weeks Park Plan SNO!park MK..

This week at SNO!park Milton Keynes is our Summer of Love launch party.
If you Book Now you could get a 2 day ticket to shred 7pm-11pm on Thursday and Friday for just £40.
If that wasn’t enough to get you stoked then here is a run down of the park set up.

At the top of the right hand slope we have the Donkey Kink rail and the Orange pipe.
Moving down the slope we have a pair of  black gas pipes either side of the kicker.
Then followed by the Battle ship and the flat down, Finishing the run with the rocket pipe and the hitching post stall.

On the opposite slope we have a flat box and a down pipe leading into The Nike Stairset Rail from last years Stairset battle which took place all accross Europe.

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  1. Why is this post tagged with hot chicks.. will there be hot chicks? ;)

  2. You never know...