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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The World Record Rail for longest rail slide, Back in the UK...

Last Friday at 7pm, we took the nets away from the top of the longest snowboard rail the UK has ever seen..
A monster 90meters long, the spectators all looked in amazement from the bar and cafe as the first few riders dropped in.
As the night started, it was proving to be tougher than originally thought to get a decent length down the rail..
The first few to make a mark where Tom Smithy smith hitting 45 meters , but then  soon smashed by Jake Terry with 55 meters, then the only person to match that was MK local Gary walsh...

It got towards the end of the night and the record still hadn't been between, but the riders where not detered,They kept sending it  and about 10 mins before the end of the night Callum Paton hopped on and smashed the record, covering a monster 78 meters...

Big Props to Callum, Well done mate. All us SNO!park shapers at MK are stoked for you.

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