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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Island Skateboarding...

I was sent this sweet little edit by a friend of mine Leon Nikoosimaitak,who is a sick artist, I really like to way its been shot and think it goes perfectly with the music.
 Here it is explained in his words...

Last night I made a skate vid after being inspired by Carter hewlett filmed at the mk bus station and Sam Birds movies. 
Spontaneously, a friend and I decided to make this video on the kNSM Island in Holland. Admittedly, my skateboarding is not the best but you got to try before you die. 


Bibio: Ambivalence Avenue
Herbie Hancock : Rockit
Tame Impala: Its is not Meant to be

Check it out..

Island Skateboarding from Leon Nikoosimaitak on Vimeo.

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