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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

FBBB Trickbusters Review.......

Last saturday 23rd july was FBBB Trickbusters at SNO!park MK...
The park was designed, built and shaped by the Parkshaper blog team.
Monster where the main sponsor of the night and had there own line down the left hand side of the slope..
At the top there was a Monster can tap to a snow ledge leading to The monster branded shotgun down rail then a gap over a pair of Monster truck tyres leading the the very impressive Monster M tap at the bottom.
Inside the Cafe there was an Art exhibition by The Peoples Gallery alongside Artwork from Jail clothing top man Kenji.. Who had also designed the artwork for some of the rails on the slope..
The Giant  Monster truck was also parked up at the bottom of the slope with the guys handing out Cans ..
DJ Xcuts and Matman (DMC Champ) where keeping the Riders stoked and the onlookers funky all night with some awesome beats on the slope....

From early on it was easy to see things where going to go down with the likes of MK locals Gazza andrews and Tom Guildmard and Chris Chatt shredding hard ...

The format started with an hour warm up leading to an hour Jam session with the top 10 Men and Boys and the top 5 girls being singled out for the Trickbusters finals...

In the final there was a pack of cards containing 52 tricks which where randomly picked , the judges - James Carr, Aly Mcmorland and Thom Boddington where watching to see the riders try to land as many of the chosen tricks on the centre stair set as possible.

Some awesome shredding was on show  Neil Cambell , Conner and Reece Gould where all sending it! All night....

The Results went like this...

Mens Top 3.
1 Tom Guildmard bagging the £250 prize money..
2 Gazza Andrews
3 Cody Herons

Boys Top 3
1 Reece Gould took the £200 cash.
2 Rowan Coultas back from Austria specially to shred.
3 Tomski Robinson

Girls Top 3
1 Katie Omerode Swagging £200
2 Emily Park
3 Cerys Allan

As well as the top 3 in each catagory DC had donated 3 Snowboard for the best 3 unsponsored riders of the night..

For the Gents Will Rudular-Scott took the board with some sick shredding all evening,
Then for the Boys Jake Overton took it and Skyla Baily killed it for the Girls....

First Edit Courtesy of MOOG ROYALE...

Moog Royale @ FBBB Trickbusters 2011 from Moog Royale on Vimeo.

second edit..

FBBB Trickbusters from forboarders byboarders on Vimeo.
Check here for videos and more reviews...

Little T behind the scenes at FBBB trickbusters from High Six Media on Vimeo.

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