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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Surfing in march….

The last weekend in march sees the official start to British summer time.
So me and Rachi decided to take a trip down to cornwall for a start of summer surf.
Staying in Perranporth In a pimping static caravan with a sea view was really nice.
The weather was surprisingly good for the time of the year with temperatures of 15 degrees on the saturday.
The first surf of the summer was wicked, Nice 3 to 4 foot clean waves to play on and the sea temperature didn’t feel too cold but a good wet suit, boots and gloves where a must.

The best thing we found about surfing this early in the year was that the water is pretty empty and the parking is free.
As we have experienced in cornwall on previous trips in the height of summer, the sea gets very busy and the beach parking can be pretty expensive.
Another benefit of a march time surf trip is that the surf is quite often pretty good.

After the morning surf we were feeling pretty hungry and seen as it was one one year wedding anniversary we took a trip to Jamie Olivers resurant at Watergate Bay (Fifteen).
From the moment we walked in the door we where made to feel really welcome and the smell from the kitchen was amazing.
We were given a sea view by the windows and checked out the menu. The prices where really reasonable.
The whole experience was really good and we would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Plenty to do in Cornwall even this early into summer and even though a little chilly in the sea still really worth a go.

             A great weekend, cant wait to surf again over the summer...

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  1. love this!!!!
    awesome description of an awesome weekend!!!!
    lets plan the next one!